Residential Standing Seam Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

A residential standing seam metal roof can greatly improve the overall look, value, and energy efficiency of your home, especially when you choose Husky Metal Roofs.  We are a premier metal roofing company, proud to manufacture our standing seam metal roofs, using Sheffield Metals, in our own highly advanced metal shop. Our shop includes specialty computerized machines that custom-bend and cut the metal, ensuring precise trim work that’s made specifically for your home. Then, during installation, we’ll use our special machinery to roll form the standing seam panels onsite for an exact fit. At Husky Metal Roofs we only use a hidden fastener system so our standing seam roofs are completely water tight. 

A standing seam roof from Husky Metal Roofs  comes with the following incredible benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – Our roofs reflect the sun’s solar energy rather than absorb it, which can significantly reduce cooling costs.

  • Protection from the elements – Our roofs are resistant to damage from fire, wind, and hail. Additionaly the design of our standing seam metal roofs causes snow to slide easily off the roof.

  • Value – Our roofs are considered investment-grade roofing and can improve the resale values of homes and, in some cases, reduce homeowners’ insurance premiums.

  • Warranties - All our roofs come with a 40 year paint warranty as well as a lifetime workmanship warranty. In many cases warranties can be transferred if you sell your house.