Metal Roofs VS other Materials

There is a reason why "Metal Roofing is All we Do!" has become the slogan of Husky Metal Roofs. Asphalt Shingles are one of the most common roof systems you will find today. The problem is that the asphalt content in shingles has fallen to an all time low which equals lower quality. In fact, the quality has gotten so bad that shingles can begin curling, cupping, and deteriorating in as little as one year after instillation.  

Its Not IF, But When - Asphalt Roofs Are Guaranteed to Fail

Asphalt Singles are made of felt or fiberglass material with tiny stones glued to the surface. As soon as shingles are installed the weather takes a toll on them. The wind, rain, and sun begin to brake down the asphalt adhesive which causes the shingle to begin to break down. Curling, streaking and cracking are all common problems asphalt shingles have! 

Unlike metal roofs, asphalt shingles absorb heat from the son and trap it inside the homes attic space. This causes the home to heat up and can increase your cooling costs. Metal roofs reflect the suns rays which in turn keeps your cooling costs down. To learn more about how metal roofs reflect click here.

Asphalt shingles are also extremely heavy and are often piled on layer after layer on your house. This causes stress on the structure of your home. When you add the fact that snow builds up on these roofs because they lack the shedding ability of a metal roof, it can lead to serious, costly problems.

The asphalt industry claims that a shingle roof lasts 17-19 years. The actual lifetime of an asphalt roof is dramatically lower than this. An asphalt roof starts to deteriorate as soon as it goes on. Normal weather - snow, rain and the suns ultra violet rays  all takes a serious toll on the shingles. This means you will likely have to re roof every 5 to 15 years.

Finally, asphalt shingles often have misleading warranties. In order for this warranties to be effective the old shingles must be removed first. If a homeowner decides not to tear off old shingles the new shingle warranties are immediately voided. This ads an additionial cost especially when you compare it to a metal roof which can be laid on top of your current roof. If you do manage to get a valid warranty claim on an asphalt shingle, most companies will only supply you with the product. They will send you the amount of shingles you need and leave instillation to do yourself or find someone to install at an additional cost

Wood Shakes & Shingles

Wood Shakes and shingles were one of the most common roofing materials for hundreds of year sin America. Although beautiful in appearance, wood shake requires consistent and costly maintenance. Wood is an organic material, it is susceptible to mold, algae, which means it will retain water and begin to rot. This will cause leaks to the roof which can rot away the battens and decking. Eventually the entire roof will need to be torn off and replaced, having a huge impact on the property for the homeowner. 

Ceramic Tile

Clay tiles and slate are thought to be long lasting and efficient. These products are extremely heavy and like shingles, can cause unnecessary strain on the structure of the home. Clay and Concrete tiles are also pourous materials, letting water in and causing breaking or cracking. Freezing and thawing cycles make this situation even worse. If your home is susceptible to high winds, tiles can easily come off and cause damage not only to your home, but to anything they may fall on.