Choosing a Metal Roofing Contractor

If you are considering getting a new metal roof for your home, it is important you select a honest company,  who is an expert in installing metal roofs. The following are things you should  look for and questions you should ask when selecting a metal roofing contractor.

Is the Company Licensed?

Make sure the contractor is licensed and registered with the state. Don't be afraid to ask for a copy.

Is the Company Insured?

Get a copy of the General Liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for the company. This protects you from any property damage or injury that occurs on the job site.

Does the Company use Safety Equipment?

Federal Law requires workers to use safety equipment.  Make sure they follow OSHA Guidelines.

Does the Company Provide Written Estimates or Exact Pricing?

A written estimate is a guess that can lead to added in pricing. Make sure to get an exact price. Be wary of companies who quote you without coming to your property, some companies will use Google Earth for exact pricing. That is fine for a ball park quote but there is no way to accurately price your roof without putting a tape measure on it. On a side note, be wary of companies who are willing to give discounts without negotiating the work done. For example "We can knock off $5000 if you sign today!" If they're not doing any less work for a discount where is the company saving that money? 

Who is the Salesman?

Does the company hire in home salesman who work on commission or is he a full-time employee? Does he have any experience on a roof? Does he really know what he's talking about or is he just reciting a brochure? Test his expertise. At Husky Metal Roofs any estimator is required to spend at least 500 hours installing metal roofs.


Make sure the company will be responsible for acquiring any necessary permits.

Does the Company have an Office or Showroom?

Make sure the contractor has a physical location and isn't doing business from his kitchen table. Ask to visit. If the company cannot afford to rent a facility how are they going to afford to replace or repair your roof if anything goes wrong?

Ask for References

Customer references, bank references, and supplier references should all be available if you ask for them.

Are the Installers Employees?

Does the company have a trained in house crew that does the work or do they sub contract to the lowest bidder. Ask to visit a work site or check the trucks and equipment for company names and logos.

Does the Company use Permanent Materials?

Make sure the contractor is using appropriate materials. Don't be afraid to ask them about the following:

  • Ice & Water Shield - premium non granulated ice and water shield should be used from all eave edges

  • Woven Synthetic Underlayment - Woven synthetic underpayments should be installed with plastic cap nails not staples.

  • Interlocking starters and finishers 

  • Open Valleys - Open valleys that are self cleaning should be used. Closed valleys allow ice to freeze around

  • Ridge Vent

  • Premium Sealants 

  • Hidden Fasteners - Make sure they use hidden fasteners. Unnecessary panel penetrations will cause the roof system to fail.

What is the Company's Reputation?

Check online for bad reviews. Do they have better business bureau complaints?

Does the Company Offer Warranties?

Does the company offer any workmanship warranty? Is there any warranty on the materials?