Cost of a Metal Roof

At Husky Metal Roofs one of the most common questions we get asked first is how much does a metal roof cost. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what a metal roof will cost without doing an on site estimate. There are many other factors that can come into play such as: What is the companies cost of materials? Do they form their own panels and trims or do they special order them? What are the needed man hours based on the companies experience? How difficult are the homes features? Is the company licensed and insured? As you can see there is no way to tell how much your roof will cost without evaluating it in person. However we believe in fair and honest pricing so we have created a list to look out for when getting quotes from metal roofing contractors

Make sure the company does an at home estimate

With todays satellite technology it is true that an estimate could be done virtually. However there are many things about a home that need to be considered when giving a fair price. Unless an estimator visits your home he will never be able to assess the true cost of specific features your home may have such as sky lights, dormers, bay windows, etc. They also cannot uncover any damaged or repair issues that may be needed.

Be wary of pressure sales tactics.

If a salesman is offering discounts for immediate signing you should definitely look into another company. If they are willing to shave off thousands of dollars without shaving off any work, where is that money being saved? The company was trying to take advantage of you with the first price, chances are they are doing it with their "discounted" price as well.

Be wary of negotiating

If a company is willing to negotiate a price but not negotiate work, again be very concerned. Your estimate should account for every screw and man hour it takes to get the job done. If a company doesn't budge on their price then they are most likely being honest about their assessment. Additionally nice round numbers should raise a flag. The difference between a $10,000 quote and a $9,863 is that the company has honestly accounted for the work thats to be done and not just rounding up for convenience

Requiring Tear Offs

If you are told that your current roof system needs to be torn off it very well may be true. However if a company requires you to tear your current roof of before instillation, you should be careful. The nice thing about metal roofs, is due to their low weight they can actually be installed over the majority of current roofs and still be up to code. If your current roof won't pose any problems or a company requires it for warranty, a tear off is just an added cost to you and an increased profit for your contractor.