Husky Metal Roofs, inc

Metal Roofing Is All We Do!

At Husky Metal Roofs, Metal Roofing Is All We Do! With over 75 years of combined experience, the professionals at Husky can cater to your steel roofing project no matter the scope or size.
We specialize in standing seam steel roofing as well as a variety of steel shingle products. We offer a full line of coil steel. No more waiting for a "Big Box" store to special order your material from out of state and not have the industry knowledge of how to use it.

We roll form all of our steel on site, to your specifications. We also have a complete in house CNC folding line to create any trim profile you can imagine from the same steel we use for your roof.

At Husky, all of our people are employees. No more dealing with someone who will sell you material and subcontract out the work. METAL ROOFING IS ALL WE DO!

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